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Posted 10-29-12
Cascades Raptor Center Salutes The Military
Cascades Raptor Center welcomes veterans and active military and their families to the center for a FREE day of visiting the birds on Sunday, November 11th, from 10 AM to 4 PM.

"We hope they will come to see all our birds, and especially the eagles, up close. These men and women have served our country and many have fought for our democratic ideals under our national symbol, the bald eagle," said Louise Shimmel, CRC Executive Director. "Their families have sacrificed and worried and many have lost loved ones. It is our pleasure to offer military families this opportunity for a special free family visit on Veteran's Day."

CRC is located on 32275 Fox Hollow Road, Eugene.
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Posted 09-08-12
Please Join Us for Cascades Raptor Center Benefit Dinner.

Hosted by the restaurant at King Estate Winery,
80854 Territorial Rd. Eugene.   6 until 9 PM, September 29, 2012.

Create an unparalleled community experience ~ support the construction of CRC's Flight Theatre!

Limited Seating      Dinner Menu
$100 per person ($50 is tax deductible).
$600 per person ($300 is tax deductible).
Includes gourmet meal, wine & gratuity.

For more information please call CRC at (541) 485-1320.

Posted 05-07-12
Family Nature Discovery Days at Cascades Raptor Center! KVAL
On these Summer Sundays, visit CRC for family-oriented fun exploring the wild world!  Sponsored by KVAL.

September 30: Migration Station Noon-4PM. Handler talks at Noon & 2PM.
Activities are recommended for children between the ages of 4-12 and children must be accompanied by an adult.
Don't forget to bring curiosity and imagination!

Cost of Activities: General admission to CRC (CRC members receive free admission) and a $2 activity charge for participants. If you ride your bike or hike the Ridgeline Trail to CRC your activity fee will be waived.

Further Info: Email Louise Shimmel or Kit Lacy or call (541) 485-1320.   Printable Press Release

Posted 11-15-11
Please now help us win a grant!
You helped us win a car! Please now help us win a grant of $25,000 or more -at no cost to you. Please go to the Chase Community Giving Facebook app and vote.

For the 3rd year, Chase Community Giving is allowing the Facebook community to vote to distribute over $3 million in grants to small and medium non-profits. CRC has been nominated and IF we place in the top 100 organizations, we can win $25,000 or more. You can vote for TEN non-profits – so please include us

Search for us – Cascades Raptor Center (remember the 's' on Cascades!) And, most important, what won us the car in Toyota's 100 Cars for Good was the fact that our supporters shared the request with their friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. So please share and ask everyone else to share! We are so grateful for that wonderful networking effort and we receive our car the same day this contest ends – November 22nd! CRC has had a record number of patients this year, and this grant would assist us with medical, food, and housing costs for the birds entrusted to our care.

Cast your vote by November 22nd. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Posted 09-26-11
Recent Construction at CRC
Thanks to hard work by EWEB and Lane Transit District crews on United Way's Day of Caring, CRC now has a much expanded parking lot! We moved two enclosures and gardens to create extra, more level parking space for visitors and volunteers, thanks to EWEB's Water Division and their big equipment and awesome staff … EWEB's tree-trimming crew generously opened up the driveway and removed parts of a few trees to allow access by fire trucks (and the Water Division equipment) and help in fire prevention. And folks from EWEB's Engineering division, plus a crew from LTD, helped us put the enclosures back together in their new site! We are now ready for visitors. Thank you to everyone for understanding our need to close for three days while this was all going on, and HUGE thanks to our own special volunteers who worked hard for three weeks to make it all happen smoothly – taking the enclosures apart, building the new foundations, and more. What a great community…

Posted 09-05-11
Eat Pizza & Help a Raptor!
Print out This Flyer and bring it to Papa's Pizza at W. 11th & Chambers, in Eugene, any time on Wednesday, September 7th, and help us raise funds for the raptors. CRC will receive 50% of food purchased and 25% of gift certificates purchased that day (you can use the gift certificates to purchase beverages that day). CRC staff and volunteers plan on being there around the dinner hour so stop by, say hello and enjoy some pizza!

Posted 05-16-11
Family Nature Discovery Days at Cascades Raptor Center!Levi'sKVAL
On the last Sunday of each summer month, visit CRC for family-oriented fun exploring the wild world!
Sponsored by KVAL and Levi Strauss & Co.

May 29: Birds of Springtime
June 26: Passport to Nature
July 31: Wildlife Play Hospital
August 28: All About Owls
September 25: Migration Station

12-4PM. Handler talks at Noon & 2PM.
Don't forget to bring curiosity and imagination!
Cost: CRC admission (admission free for members) plus an $2 activity fee for participants.
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Posted 01-11-11
Thanks to YOU, we met our goals!
CRC 20th AnniversaryThank you so much to everyone who made a donation, joined or renewed their membership, or sponsored a bird since our last e-newsletter! We met both our challenge grant goal AND our 20th anniversary goal, and more! A total of $36,000 in contributions! I cannot express how very appreciative I am for all the support for our birds - especially to those who made an extra contribution, and sometimes two, just to help us meet this challenge! Our deep appreciation also to the long time, very generous donors who created the challenge. We owe so much of our development to their support and guidance over the years.

Including grants, admissions and gift shop sales (thanks to everyone who did some holiday shopping with us!), we had our second best December ever.

As we start into our 21st year of service to our shared community, we very much thank you for being the wind beneath our wings, enabling us to do all that we do: your support contributed 54% of our income last year. And your belief in what we do keeps us going.

Posted 01-11-11
Eagle Name Chosen
Name The Eagle After receiving over 560 names from nearly 400 people - ranging from a Marine in Afghanistan to an inmate of a county jail - our naming committee got to work! In honor of the eagle's previous name, we wanted a Native American name but one that was uniquely Oregon. After a week of winnowing through the submissions, researching meanings, pronunciation and spellings, we unanimously selected "Celilo" (suh-LIE-lo). Our sincere thanks to all the participants, to Sue Matsyzak and Sandy Jenness for help in narrowing the field, and to Joe and Brenda Brainard, and Pony and Jeanne Gilbert for their guidance and help in the final selection. The name Celilo was submitted by Nola Nelson, who remembers visiting Celilo Falls before the dam was built in the 1950's. "The name," said Nola, "just jumped at me when I saw the photo in the paper. As a child, I had the privilege of seeing the Falls during the last dip net fishing season before they were submerged, and I have never forgotten it." Ms Nelson will enjoy a personal visit with Celilo and CRC staff for submitting the chosen name.

The Native American settlement of Celilo has a history that goes back some 15,000 years. As one of the longest, continuously inhabited villages in North America, Celilo was a gathering and trading place for tribes from as far as the Great Plains, Alaska, the coast of California and all points in between. Celilo Falls was a stretch of the Columbia River which was a critical salmon fishing area for the local tribes, and those who came to visit. In 1957, The Dalles Dam, one of a string of dams along the Columbia built during the 50's, drowned the Falls, the village, and a way of life. Relocated to higher ground, the settlement continues and has become a symbol of perseverance and resilience. So, too, has this eagle been through an injury and persevered, spending the last 8 years of his life - and now his future - spreading the word of wildlife conservation to thousands of people.

The Bald Eagle is a much revered bird in most Native American cultures and the national symbol of the United States. But as a representative of its own species and all wildlife, Celilo's name also aptly reflects the struggle to survive in the face of human-caused habitat changes and pollutants, such as DDT - the chemical pesticide responsible for pushing the Bald Eagle to the brink of extinction.

We hope you can all find the time to come visit Celilo sometime this year and welcome our newest resident.

Posted 12-05-10
Beautiful Custom Calendar
Calendars Support CRC and create your own beautiful calendar! You can use our carefully selected raptor photos or upload your own, have the calendar start in whatever month you want, add tide information and/or personal reminders - your custom calendar will make a wonderful gift to yourself or others, while supporting the birds of CRC. Order Now in time for holiday gift-giving.

Posted 12-05-10
20th Anniversary Challenge Grant!
Generous, long time supporters have offered us $10,000 if we can raise a matching $10,000 before the end of the year. We'd like to set a goal of raising $20,000 in honor of our 20 years serving our human and natural communities. Won't you please help?

CRC 20th AnniversaryCRC has grown from a backyard/back bedroom, one-person operation to a nature center with one of the most extensive and diverse collections of native birds on the west coast. Over 60 resident birds will greet some 15,000 visitors this year. These birds are cared for by three staff members and over 100 volunteers, who have contributed nearly 20,000 hours this year in their service. CRC's hospital has provided care for over 3000 birds in our 20 years, releasing at least half back to the wild.

The support of our donors and members is what allows us to do all that we do - we get no city, state or federal funds. YOU are the key to freedom for these birds who come to us broken, scared, young or sick; and YOU are the key to prevention of those problems through the education about wildlife received by our visitors, and their increased understanding, respect, caring, and compassion.

Won't you please help us meet this challenge and prepare us for the next 20 years? Please be as generous as you can, and also tell all your friends, post it on your Facebook page, and include it in your holiday letters that any contribution received by December 31st counts twice, up to $10,000. Let's start a wave of support for the birds!

Posted 12-05-10
Name That Eagle
Name The Eagle CRC has a new bald eagle that needs a name. He was found in 2002 in Nebraska as a sub-adult, just starting to get his white head and tail, with a fracture of the right wing very near the shoulder. Sent to The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota for evaluation, he was deemed non-releasable due to limited mobility of that wing. For the last eight years, he has been in South Dakota as an education bird. When his organization closed this year, he was sent to us - and he needs a name! Name suggestions can be submitted by email to or by mail or by picking up a form in the Visitor Center during a visit.

We will announce the winning name at the end of December. Put on your thinking caps and let us know what comes to mind. The contributor of the name selected will win a one-on-one visit at CRC with He-Who-Is-Not-Yet-Named!

Posted 12-05-10
Santa Claws is Back
Come be Santa for a day!
Santa Claws From now until the New Year... Visit Cascades Raptor Center and purchase customized wooden tokens, each depicting a gift that no one would appreciate more than our magnificent birds: items such as mice, fish, wellness exams, quail and toys!

Stockings are hung on the aviaries with care! YOU can be Santa for a day and stuff raptor stockings with tokens as you tour our facility and renew your commitment to nature education and compassionate, responsible care for wildlife!

A GREAT way to involve the whole family in the spirit of holiday giving!
Join us to celebrate the season! Happy Holidays

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CRC logo art by Jeanne Hammond-Elliott.  Drawings by Barbara Gleason & Karl Edwards.  Photographic sources noted as provided.